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Can I Get A Mortgage With A CCJ?

When someone has a County Court Judgment (CCJ) issued against them, it means they have failed to pay money they owe, and a creditor is effectively making an official claim for the money they are entitled to. If you have a CCJ issued against you, you will likely find it difficult to borrow money from an establishment. However, taking out a mortgage with CCJ proceedings ongoing is possible, though usually certain conditions need to apply.

The Factors involved.

Many banks will agree to be CCJ mortgage lenders. However, it depends on several important factors. One of the main factors is how old the CCJ is. Usually, the older the better. A recent CCJ against you will lower your chances of getting a mortgage. If the CCJ has been settled, and at least 12 months have passed since that time, that is usually good enough for most lenders.

Satisfied CCJ

If the CCJ has been marked as 'satisfied', your chances of your CCJ and mortgage co-existing are even better. It all has to do with how bad a risk the lender thinks you are. The more points in your favour, the better. Another important factor is the financial amount involved with the CCJ. The lower the better here. A high figure of many thousands, for example, will likely lower your chances of getting a mortgage, but if the CCJ has been marked as 'satisfied', and if it happened a number of years ago, then your chances of getting a mortgage will be much more favourable.

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Multiple CCJs

Another factor that might go against you is having more than one CCJ. Securing mortgages for people with CCJ claims against them is never easy at best, and if there are several CCJ claims in your financial past, and if they have not all been marked as 'satisfied,' then your chances of getting a mortgage becomes poor.

Size of the Deposit

The size of your deposit may be affected by the type of CCJ against you. Again, if your CCJ is old, marked as 'satisfied,' and was not too high a financial figure, the size of your mortgage deposit will not be too adversely affected. The more recent the CCJ and the higher the financial figure involved, the higher your deposit is likely to be.

What you should do

You should visit a CCJ mortgage broker if you are asking yourself the question, "can I get a mortgage with a CCJ?" They will guide you through all your options and let you know how best to proceed. When you need a mortgage, CCJ advice, and you don't know who to turn to, an appointment with a mortgage broker is probably your best bet.

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